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Decrying cuts in federal student aid . This one showed up on via U-Wire.

Feeling the chill. The nature of academic freedom. This won 7th place in the 2005 Hearst Journalism Awards.

Our Apology. This ran on the front page of the Daily Egyptian when the Kodee Kennings hoax story broke.

Kodee Kennings. The Daily Egyptian was duped in a hoax. This piece was part of a series that won the 2005 ICPA award for in-depth reporting.

Carbondale Police chaplain helps people cope A feature on Rev. Bob Gray: police chaplain, fire chaplain, pastor, counselor.

Campus clocks 'fall back' A feature on the task of resetting hundreds of clocks in one night, including two giant ones.


This site offers a selection of items from my portfolio, and a little information about me.

Unsigned editorials represent most of what you will find here, but there are news stories and some magazine items also. I wrote all of the unsigned editorials listed here unless otherwise indicated.

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Update: There appears to be an issue with the DE newshound server that has broken nearly every link on this site. I'm making inquiries with the IT professional to see if there is any chance of recovery. Stay tuned.

I am a journalist and technical writer with a background in information systems. I worked for several years as a software developer and a development team leader before returning to school to complete a degree in journalism. While attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I wrote numerous editorials and news stories for the school paper, the Daily Egyptian. I have also written for the Southern Health Magazine and have contributed to the Community Magazine Group. In 2008 I moved to Las Vegas to start Las Vegas Health, a consumer health care magazine, under the auspices of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. That was discontinued in 2011.