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These editorials have apparently all been lost after maintenance to the DE newshound site.
I knew I should have pulled them all when I had the chance.
I'm inquiring with their IT guy to see if there is any chance of recovery.

End the charade. Who made changes to the SIUC Web site, and why?

Hypocrisy masquerading as drug policy A second chance for drug offenders - sort of.

Cheap publicity won't help minorities If Illinois lawmakers truly wanted to help, they wouldn't single out SIU.

Mobbing: facing the consequences The vindication of Joan Friedenberg. A non-apology apology is better than none.

Grant all appeals This editorial played a part in the Parking Division's decision to grant appeals to all the students affected by an appeal mixup.

Centuries of achievement, just a month of history? The ideas behind Black History Month.

Address gay issues with action The formation of a committee on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues is just the beginning.

This isn't a game Head football coach Jerry Kill diagnosed with cancer.

Greener castles in the air SIUC's efforts at sustainability.

The consequences of cyber-socializing. If you're going to flout the law, you should think twice about posting pictures of it on the Internet. But even if you do, are those pictures really evidence?

Language matters. When it comes to extending opportunity to all regardless of race or gender, how can we be sure what we are doing is OK if no one can provide an exact definition of what we're doing?

Measure that noise Suggested improvements to Carbondale's noise ordinance, with some sarcasm.

Hypocrisy masquerading as drug policy. Denying financial aid to drug offenders doesn't make campuses safer, doesn't keep anyone from buying drugs and ignores the real substance abuse problem on campus - alcohol.

Conservatives come out. Are conservatives on campus being oppressed by liberals? Whether they are or not, they're mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

The lingering threat of identity theft. The University is not living up to its commitment to protect students from identity theft. The heavy lifting of protecting student Social Security numbers is left to the students themselves.

The deadline looms. The University risks a lawsuit if it does not come into compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Why gamble with SIU's reputation? The University was in no hurry to comply with state law, and risked an expensive and damaging lawsuit. What could possibly justify such recklessness? Could it be anti-gay hostility?

A triumph of compassion. An well-behaved crowd shames the Rev. Fred Phelps.